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Table Films is a new collaboration between Alex Mead, Rob Streeter and Paul Zak, three experienced visual artists from different fields. They bring a fresh, innovative approach to tabletop motion imagery. By working as a single unit, with complementary skills, they are able to problem solve and refine projects quickly and focus on delivering beautiful work.

Alex Mead comes from a film and

fine art background. Experienced

as a film editor as well as an image maker in his own right, he's also produced a number of interactive video installations.

Rob Streeter has worked for over

10 years in food and travel, both stills and motion. Clients such as Cadbury’s, Itsu, Kraft-Heinz, Mandarin Oriental, and Waitrose have given him a broad range of experience from field to fork!

Paul Zak specialises in Still Life photography for a range of advertising and magazine clients.

He has shot award winning campaigns for Audi, Guiness and Nike to name but a few. 

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